WWE Smackdown Results April 24th, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

WWE Smackdown Results April 24th, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

The New Day launched SmackDown and they were celebrating their eighth team victory when Lucha House Party came out to congratulate them, while also challenging them for the titles. Miz and Morrison also came out and said the new champions hadn’t beaten them head-to-head and that the title change was unfair.

The forgotten sons also came out and wanted to participate in the title dispute. The Sons ended up attacking the three teams, ending with big finalists in Kofi and Big E in the ring.

Behind the scenes, Miz and Morrison were furious and blamed Lucha House’s party for chaos. They were ready to face the fighters later that evening.


Drew Gulak vs. Baron Corbin – MITB Qualifying Match


Corbin had the advantage from the start and the match ended where Gulak kicked Corbin off the tables. Gulak pulled out a Sunset Flip for a close fall before dropping Corbin on the outside steps.

Nakamura and Cesaro interrupted the match and removed Daniel Bryan from the ring. Gulak was distracted and Corbin came at the end of the day to win.

Result: Baron Corbin beats. Drew Gulak and will join the MITB ladder match

After the match, Nakamura and Cesaro clung to Gulak when Corbin pulled it out with his scepter.

Match Rating: B

Sheamus vs. Talent improvement

Sheamus started strong by looking at the Roman Reigns through the ring and around the corner before unleashing his fists on the rookie. Sheamus was screaming about his challenger showing disrespect as he dismantled him before getting the easy win.

Result: Sheamus def. Talent improvement

After the match, Sheamus did what he threatened Michael Cole for no reason report by Tickets4Race.

Match rating: C

We got the third part of Jeff Hardy’s documentary, this time focusing on his big comeback at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

Before the match between Miz & Morrison and Lucha House Party started, Sheamus returned and faced Michael Cole. He was probably in a bad mood tonight.

Miz & Morrison vs. Fight House Party


Miz and Lince kicked us out and Morrison was scored early, and the former champions kept going in and out, keeping the pressure on. Metalik finally arrived after a long time and took Miz out with a bulldog, but the next moon was countered when Miz put on his boots.

Metalik countered the Skull Crushing Finale, rolling with a victory throw for a big win. Here’s something you don’t see every day, LHP wins a game!

Result: House Party Fight Def. Miz and Morrison

Match Rating: B