With Lockdown Only Being Six Weeks In Melbourne, Bubble Soccer Is The Best Team-Building Event You Can Plan For In August, And Beyond.

With Lockdown Only Being Six Weeks In Melbourne, Bubble Soccer Is The Best Team-Building Event You Can Plan For In August, And Beyond.

Covid-19 has created sudden changes that have impacted our lives and our normal routines. Most of us are working from home, which was quite exciting in the beginning, but with time you start missing your workplace, your colleagues and everything about going to work.

One of the most important things that people working from home have missed is teambuilding. Team building events is a quintessential part of every employee’s life that brings all members together and motivates them to display unity.

When August comes around, we can then start enjoying outdoor and covid-19 safe team building activities. It is important to stay safe and get involved in activities which adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Bubble soccer is one of those games which is fun, exciting and safe as well. For those who don’t know what bubble soccer is – it is a fun sport of playing soccer while being half-encased inside the inflated bubble. It is a combination of soccer and zorbing.

Why Is Bubble Soccer Best Activity For Team Building?

The very first benefit of playing bubble soccer for team building, is that it engages everyone. There is no point of organising a team-building event if everyone is not enjoying it. When playing bubble soccer, everyone in the group feels included.

It is a fun game where you are run and bump into each other without hurting anyone. Bubble soccer is precisely what employees need after a long period of isolation. It is an invigorating game and will leave you with a lot of happy memories.

When looking from a health perspective, playing bubble soccer is also a great game. Wearing a bubble suit and running around can be a great workout.

Bubble Soccer during Coronavirus Pandemic

Apart from being fun, one thing to keep in mind when choosing an activity for a team-building event is health & safety. Bubble soccer is completely safe to play as the nose and mouth of the players are encased in the bubble. There is no chance of releasing droplets even if the player sneezes or coughs.

Also, when playing bubble soccer, there is no need to touch anything with your hands. Unlike other games such as cricket or basketball that requires the use of your hands, in bubble soccer your hands are also encased within the bubble.

The distance between the players also ranges from one to two metres as the bubble suit won’t allow anyone to come any closer to you.

The safety of a bubble soccer session also depends on the event organizers you choose. There is a lot of companies that promise to offer the best, and safest bubble soccer sessions in Melbourne but not all of them are trustworthy.

Ultimate Bubble Soccer is the best bubble soccer organiser in Melbourne. They put the safety of the players above everything else. They sanitise bubbles before and after the game with hospital-grade sanitiser. With Ultimate Bubble Soccer, you can enjoy the safest bubble soccer session in Melbourne.